Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hello, and welcome to the Tim-ber blog, a resource for forest industry history from the coast of BC. I intend to use images and stories from my collection to introduce the glory days of a proud industry, and to illustrate and describe the legacy it has left for us.

I hope you will check back often. Please post your critique when you think the blog could improve, and your appreciation if you have learned and enjoyed. Requests on any aspect of the industry are welcome.


gcheramy said...

Hi Tim - Nice start! Great postcards!! Looking forward to the next installment. Glenda

sean3522 said...

Nice job so far Timbo!

I for one - but am sure that the rest would agree - very much enjoyed your presentation at the April 'Gentlemen's Club' at Tug Boat Annie's. Your passion and dedication to the logging industry is clearly apparent. Thanks again for the fantastic history lesson and excellent discussion.


gcheramy said...

Hi again Tim - Just catching up and was interested in your bit about log booming. One of my early high school "crushes" in Surrey was killed booming! He slipped between logs and the logs closed up so he wasn't able to get back up - I still "puddle up" when I think of it. I gather that was a very common occurrence when things were mostly man-powered. I hope we've progressed since then - that's a horrible way to die!!